Fungal Nails


Fungal Nails

Hard, thick and discoloured nails can be very unsightly and embarrassing.  One common cause of thick and discoloured nails is fungal infection.

These fungal infections, known as onychomycosis, are transmissible from person to person and can be contracted from a number of different sources, in particular nail salons or similar establishments with sub-standard infection control techniques have been found to be a source of infection for several of our patients.

Treatment of fungal nails may include reducing the thickness of the nail using specialised equipment and the application of a topical anti-fungal medication which is painted onto the nail.  In some cases it is necessary to take an oral anti-fungal medication.

Thick, discoloured nails may not necessarily be caused by fungal infection and therefore it is important to have any nail problems properly assessed.  Our podiatrists at Prahran Foot Clinic can advise you on the best course of treatment for any nail problems.











A progressed fungal nail infection.

(Actual patient at Prahran Foot Clinic, image used with permission).


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